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Tiger Iron thumb stone healing crystals
Tiger Iron thumb stone healing crystals

Tiger Iron thumb stone

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Tiger iron is composed of jasper, tiger’s eye and hematite, with a rippled, striped texture arising from the metamorphic intrusion of sediments containing iron oxide and quartz. Tiger iron inspires new impulses when our lives have craved change for a very long time. It clarifies those areas in which we have long since moved on spiritually and actively helps these cycles to be closed, if necessary, and a new start to be made. Emotionally it imparts the kind of endurance that is necessary in order to overcome typical difficulties at the beginning of an undertaking or phase. It lends strength and dynamism to tackle all obstacles (a ‘tiger in your tank’). Tiger iron helps with tiredness and exhaustion. It heightens vitality by accelerating the formation of red blood corpuscles and the transportation of oxygen by the blood. Tiger iron eliminates any kind of energy deficiency.

Measures approx. 30 x 40 mm.

Sold individually.