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Labradorite half-polished slice 3.
Labradorite half-polished slice 3.

Labradorite half-polished slice 3.

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Beautiful flash on both sides on this labradorite slab.

Dimensions: approx. 80x 50x 10 mm

Weighs approx. 80 grams

Spiritually Labradorite is an outstanding ‘illusion killer’. Like its colourful display of iridescence, it clearly shows us our goals and intentions – so we suddenly see their real shape. Labradorite fortifies intuition and mediumistic abilities. Emotionally Labradorite throws up forgotten memories and bestows depth of feeling. It stimulates the imagination, making us contemplative and introverted. Mentally Labradorite helps us develop a child-like enthusiasm and a host of new ideas. It bestows a lively although sometimes rather erratic creativity. Physically Labradorite alleviates feeling cold, rheumatic illnesses and gout. Labradorite also has a blood pressure lowering effect and is calming.

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