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Fluorite polished puffy heart (large) healing crytals
Fluorite polished puffy heart (large) healing crytals

Fluorite polished puffy crystal heart (large)

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Beautiful rainbow fluorite puffy heart.

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 20 mm

approx. 85 grams

Fluorite stimulates our ‘free spirit’ that wishes to shape our lives. It makes us aware of where we are being controlled by outside influences and ‘not playing our own game’, and helps us rapidly dissolve these undesirable influences. It has an emotionally stabilizing effect, gives us self-confidence, and clears up confusion.
Fluorite helps dissolve blocks, fixed ideas, ‘small thinking’, narrow-mindedness and constricting thought and behavioural patterns. It also helps with organization and the rapid processing of information. This makes it an excellent learning aid as it helps us to use our existing knowledge and experiences and grasp elusive concepts.
Physically Fluorite stimulates the regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes, particularly in the respiratory tract and the lungs, with ulcers and suppurating wounds. It fortifies the bones and teeth, decreases adhesions and helps with posture problems.