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Bloodstone healing crystals

Bloodstone tumbles (Heliotrope)

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Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope forms the connecting link between the quartz families of chalcedony and jasper. Heliotrope is Greek and means ‘solstice’, which is thought to refer to its powerful healing properties. This tradition has been documented since antiquity. In medieval texts it is referred to as green jasper or blood jasper and recommended for healing infections, inflammations and poisoning.
Bloodstone helps us protect ourselves, limiting and fending off undesirable influences. It is emotionally calming in cases of irritability, aggressiveness and impatience and it revitalizes in cases of exhaustion and tiredness. It stimulates dream activity. It also helps us adjust quickly to unexpected occurrences, so that we keep control in any situation. Physically bloodstone is the best immune-boosting mineral for acute infections.
You can find bloodstone for sale in many different colours but pure bloodstone looks like red-yellow spots on a green-grey base colour.

Very nice colours, good quality tumbled stones. Approx. 15 grams, 20x20x20 mm, sold individually.