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Agate (natural blue) healing crystals

Agate (natural blue) rough

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Rough pieces of natural blue agate.

Size is approx. 45x 35x 30 mm, weighs 50 grams. Sold individually. They slightly vary in shape, size and colour.

Agate gives protection, security and safety by dissolving internal tensions, and also makes us better able to resist external influences. Examples that consist of regularly shaped, concentric banding are particularly effective for this.
Physically Agate balances our auras and the energy body. On this level, it has, therefore, a protective effect, is harmonizing and stabilizes health. Agate encourages regeneration and growth and is the pregnancy stone for both mother and child. Because of its layered structure made of different quartzes, agate works on those organs that are built up of different layers of skin and tissue.