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Crystal Healing for real?

Even in physics, it has been known for well over a hundred years that every body, every organism, every ‘material object’, be it a stone, a plant or a plastic bucket, possesses what is referred to variously as an ‘emanation’ or aura. Many physical and all chemical processes involve the absorption and emanation of radiation, which means that, whatever takes place, heat, light or another form of electromagnetic radiation is either absorbed or heat, light or another form of electromagnetic radiation is released. This means we ourselves, and everything around us, are constantly surrounded by energy fields. This also means we are involved in a constant energy exchange with our environment.

It all begins with the sunlight that we absorb and radiate out again in the form of heat, and ranges right through to the influences of energy from electrical currents, radio transmitters and microwaves. All of us are constant receivers and transmitters of radiation. In recent years evidence has emerged from various tests that ‘electrosmog’, caused by electrical currents and radio transmitters, can affect people’s health, as can the influence of electromagnetic fields and radiation sources, or the effects of watercourses or faults in the ground. Stones, minerals and crystals also possess this kind of radiating property. Their radiation results from the transformation of absorbed light, lying mainly in the infrared region and only to a very small degree in the visible and microwave regions of the spectrum. But despite their lesser quantity, the latter are of great importance.

Infrared radiation is absorbed by the outermost layers of skin into the body, which is why we feel it as heat. Microwaves, however, penetrate the entire organism so, in principle, reach all tissues and organs. The fact that we cannot normally perceive the visible portion of radiation of precious gems and minerals with the naked eye is simply due to the low intensity (Latin intensus, ‘violent’) of this radiation. Radiation from our bodies, for example, is comparable to the glimmer of light from a candle about 20 kilometres (12.5 miles) away. During the daytime it cannot, of course, be seen. However, in total darkness, we would gradually become aware of this light. This radiation is a real effect; the difficulties experienced in science with measuring this subtle radiation has little to do with the radiation itself but rather more with the limitations of the measuring equipment available.

Nowadays, even children know that the stars are still in the sky in the daytime, even though they are not visible because the intensity of the sunlight blots them out. The same goes for us: in principle we, too, are all sources of light. Our organisms glow: every cell, every tissue and every organ has its own specific radiation and also produces its own specific magnetic field. These are now made use of in medicine for the diagnosis of illnesses: the technique of magnetic resonance imaging is used to measure such radiation using pulsed magnetic fields and can produce three-dimensional images of all our inner organs that are considerably more accurate and precise than X-ray images. There is more: further results of biochemical research first published in 1993 have proven that this radiation is actually used for communication. Every cell nucleus emits photons (the tiniest light particles or packages) with great consistency and in this way communicates with neighbouring cells. This is how metabolic processes, growth, development and the differentiation of cells, tissues and organs are coordinated in the body. The nervous system and hormones only intervene in a guiding capacity in processes that are normally regulated automatically. This ‘conversation’ from cell to cell, this ‘chatting over the garden fence’, actually occurs via the medium of light.

What can light really do? What we refer to as ‘light’ is only a small part of all existing electromagnetic radiation – merely the portion that is visible to our eyes. This portion is also called the ‘visible spectrum’ (Latin spectrum, ‘appearance’). In addition to the visible spectrum, there are other types of electromagnetic radiation: radio waves, infrared rays (heat radiation), ultraviolet light (UV light), microwaves and radiation given off by some radioactive materials (gamma rays). All of these have something in common: every type of radiation is an information carrier! We make use of these properties in everyday life: whether it is for information sent via radio and television transmitters or mobile phones, or for remote control devices of every kind, the relevant information is always transmitted via a particular type of radiation, so that it passes from the transmitter to the receiver completely invisibly. Healing with crystals is a form of information therapy. This is exactly what is taking place between stones and humans! Stones, too, emit radiation and, being extremely durable and permanent (at least, as a rule), they emit the same information in a very constant way. They could be compared to radio transmitters that constantly broadcast the same programme.

Every stone or crystal has its own specific light, or put another way, its specific radiation that naturally influences our organisms. If contact is made between a crystal and our bodies, the absorbed light will inevitably have an influence on the ‘light communication’ between the cells and cause certain reactions. An effect therefore definitely exists. Whether this influence becomes a healing influence will depend upon two factors: (1) what we require at the moment, and (2) what the stone, or rather the information radiated by the stone, can offer us. If a need is fulfilled, healing will take place.

To summarise, healing with crystals, just like homeopathy, Bach flower remedies or aromatherapy, belongs with the information therapies. It is not the chemical substance that is effective, but the information emitted by it. In principle, there is no dividing line between healing crystals and ‘ordinary minerals’ in the art of healing. Every mineral, because of its inherent properties, may have an effect upon us. Whether this will turn into a healing effect will simply depend upon what we require at that moment"

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