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Cleansing & Charging Crystals

Crystals absorb energy from the environment and from people they get in touch with. Therefore it is neccessary to discharge, clean and charge them from time to time. I recommend doing it once a week and before a healing session or meditation. There is a great deal of confusion in energy cleansing of crystals, and this is obviously based on the fact that the meaning of the different procedures has not been understood properly. Sometimes even experts combine three different procedures under the term 'cleansing': discharging, cleansing and charging of healing crystals, gems and stones.


When crystals come into direct contact with the body, they will become statically charged. The most extreme example is amber, which may become quite hot in a few minutes. This static charge can be discharged under running water. There are a few types of crystals that cannot be in touch with water. For example: amber, turquoise, red coral, fire opal, moonstone, calcite, kyanite, kunzite, angelite, azurite, selenite. Many stones that end in “ite” are not water-friendly. Personally I do not recommend water treatment for crystals as there are other, deeper methods to cleanse our crystals.
The information received in the crystal from the environment, remain stored even after the stone has been discharged in water. In order to clean this information, there are two simple procedures, by laying the crystal on an amethyst druse or by laying it in salt.
Direct contact with salt can damage the crystal so it is recommended to put in a small glass dish embadded in a larger glass dish full of salt (any kind of salt is appropriate).
The amethyst druse represents the gentler procedure. The finely distributed iron atoms and the energy concentration of quartz give amethyst a powerful, fiery radiation. Healing crystals ‘irradiated’ in this way are stripped of the information they have stored. The time required is generally one day, or if the stone was only used briefly, an hour will be sufficient. You can, however, allow the crystal to lie in the druse for longer; it will not come to any harm.


The intensity of radiation from a crystal is connected with the absorbed energy, so its healing effect can be increased and fortified through targeted charging. The most gentle is laying the stone in sunlight at sunrise and sunset. The period of time during which we can dare to look almost into the sun without damage to our eyes is when the sun possesses a charging quality. Never put the stones in sunlight at midday, however, especially light-sensitive crystals as many of them will lose their colour in direct sunlight (amethyst, kunzite, rose quartz). Anyway at this time the sun’s energy tends to be discharging rather than charging.
By putting your crystals and stones under the light of a full moon or crescent moon, you are also charging them quite simply and effectively. Make sure to leave them there for approximately seven hours.
Reiki or sound bowls can also help charge crystals with energetically. Simply practice reiki over your crystal or create a sound bath using singing bowls or gongs. I love sound balls and as started practising reiki, my charging toolbox is increasing!

Whichever way you decide to charge your crystals remember to set your intention and open your mind and heart to receiving their healing vibration. Also remember to give thanks and gratitude towards your crystal on a daily basis.

Physical cleansing should be restricted to eliminating dust from mineral groups and mineral druses. Use a fine paintbrush for the purpose. If you are cleaning a druse, for example with water, only use mineral-poor water in order to avoid obtaining ugly calcium deposits on the crystals.
It may needless to say but please never use any strong abrasive household cleaning agents on your crystals. Some of them are almost impervious to such substances, while others extremely sensitive.

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